But it need not ruin all of our lives

Welcome to my blog on epilepsy, which I have named The Unwelcome Visitor (tuv). After suffering from (tuv) epilepsy since it came into my life many decades ago when I suffered from first (grand mal) attack, now known as tonic-clonic seizures. After many years of suffering from this type of (tuv) my type of (tuv) changed to temporal lobe seizures. My (tuv) is better controlled thanks to a new anti epileptic drugs (aed’s) regime.


I have now decided to write a simple to understand blog on this very cruel, little known about and very complex illness, (tuv).


Approximately seventy percent of people suffering from (tuv) can have it well controlled by (aed’s) or where necessitated by neurosurgery. However for the remaining thirty percent of us sufferers, there is no such joy. In addition to this there are those out there suffering from more serious types of (tuv) than I have. Then there are those who not only suffer from of (tuv) one kind or another, but also sadly suffer from additional illnesses, just to make their lives a lot more like hell. God bless them all.


(Tuv) affects our lives in so many different ways. It is a very frightening and dreaded illness, which can ruin the lives of not just us sufferers, but also of our loved ones and friends alike. It not only scares the living daylights out us, but of everybody else who just happens to be in our vicinity when the electric storm begins in our brains. Seldom can we be lucky enough to retain true friends, who need to be there for us when (tuv) pays us a lightning visit. Our loved ones and true friends require the knowledge of how to put us into the recovery position when the shaking has stopped, after having a tonic-clonic seizure. These blessed souls, also have to be of a cool and calm disposition at all times. Not only for when we are experiencing our latest visit from (tuv). These people are what we call true friends and they have to be Gods guardian angels on this earth. God bless them all, they all well and truly merit their places in heaven.


I have used (tuv) to illustrate to you of just a few of the most simplistic things and some of the more serious things that (tuv) inhibits us from doing.


Richard Atterwill

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