Epilepsy Diaries out - Spreadsheets in


The modern way of recording your epilepsy is by using a spreadsheet and I have a template that you can have for free. Simply e-mail me via the confidential Contact page on my website and I will send you a copy.


Things that must be remembered are as follows:


  • Every spreadsheet must, on receipt, be Saved as by a File Name. For example by the appropriate Month and Year as the File Name.

  • If you do not possess your own computer or Ipad, ask a relative or friend to record the data for you.

  • When the month has ended and the spreadsheet has been populated with all your relevant statistics, you can either get someone to come with you to see your neurologist and then show him/her your spreadsheets (there will many months, of data) for you to take to your next hospital appointment.

  • Your neurologist will get a much clearer picture of how your epilepsy has been performing by viewing all the graphs and all the other relevant statistics. In your spreadsheet, at the same time.

  • For more details read 1-5 inclusive below:


Epilepsy diaries went out with ark. We are now living in a world of computerization and long ago, I created for myself an Excel spreadsheet for recording all my epilepsy.


1 I designed a spreadsheet for every four hours of the day and night


2 Simply input how many times that you suffered from a certain of epilepsy (should there be more than one different type) that you suffer from. Type this into the appropriate four hour range of the 24 hour day.


3. Automatically the spreadsheet records the totals per day, by week and by month.


4 Also the spreadsheet automatically works out the monthly average of epilepsy that you experienced for every day and night of the month. Thus at the end of the month it will tell that you had ‘X’ amount of your epilepsy and that your daily average was ‘Y’


5 Graphs are automatically generated by all the data that you have fed into the spreadsheet.

  • An example of the spreadsheet I can send you is below.  Just add your own personal data accordingly.