Relaxtion Techniques: helpful to some


Relaxation techniques can help some people to deal with their stress levels


Personally speaking, I find that when my epilepsy kicks in or (The Unwelcome Visitor has arrived), that we know from a life of déjà vu (we have been here before); that some of us in the future can try to beat epilepsy as opposed to letting epilepsy beat us.


I cannot stress enough times that if you try the relaxation lessons that I mention below, that you must continue to take your anti epileptic drugs and all other medication you take at all times


In other words, some of us can replace negative thoughts with positive ones. I commenced doing this from earlier this year.I simply think to myself that I have had an attack but so what! You are not going to frighten me anymore!


I was employed as a administrative officer for the police for fifteen years. One day a police officer who knew me well, and that I suffered from epilepsy told me that he suffered very badly from not being able to sleep at nighttimes. This was all caused by a harrowing experience that he had gone through in the course of his duties. The upshot of this was that he simply could not sleep at nighttime. You have to remember that he had to be up at four o’clock in the morning for the early shifts. This poor man was now mentally exhausted and at his wits end.


He told his doctor all about this, and instead of prescribing sleeping tablets which my friend thought that he would do, the doctor told him to purchase a good relaxation CD off of the internet. My friend duly did this and downloaded one onto his laptop. Thank the Good Lord this all began to work for him. He found that when he could not sleep at night, he would simply get up and go into another bedroom, lie down on the bed and put his headphones on and start to listen to the CD. After relaxing all of his body as instructed on the CD, he would start to do his breathing exercises and by the time he had done this, he simply fell asleep.


My friend told me to get myself a copy, which I duly did.


The relaxation CD instructed me as follows:


  • Lie down on a bed, preferably in a darkened room.

  • Put your headphones on.

  • With the aid of your smart phone or a CD player, start to listen to the relaxation CD

  • This is all to help bring down your stress levels.

  • The person narrating will tell you to relax yourself in stages.

  • Close your eyes

  • Relax your forehead

  • Drop your eyebrows

  • Relax your eyelids

Breathing Exercices


The best thing is to search for relaxation lessons on sites such as ITunes etc, You will also find several epilepsy sites recommending different titles, then simply listen to them and if there is one that you really like simply download.


For me for the vast majority of the time I have used this technique which has been for a lot of the time successful for me. This coupled with my philosophy that I have already spoken about that is simply to adopt a new attitude, and that is that I will beat epilepsy and that epilepsy will no longer beat me.


I wish you well, and hope that it as helpful to you as it as it has been for me.