Positive Beats Negative Thinking

The way we think, the things we do and the things we should not be doing, could accumatively be affecting the lives of some of some of us suffering from epilepsy.

  • If we keep on thinking and talking about our epilepsy The Unwelcome Visitor (tuv), without knowing it, we could be bringing about depression and anxiety. It has been medically proven that depression and (tuv) are in some cases interrelated and that depression can cause the (tuv) to pay us a visit. Likewise I believe (tuv) can cause depression as they are co-related.

  • Likewise that stress belongs in the same family as the depression and anxiety.

Instead of letting epilepsy beat us; let’s beat epilepsy. The following approaches can help some of us:

  • Remove negative thinking from our brains and replace it with positive thinking

  • When talking with relatives or friends; let’s talk about everything else in the world apart from that one subject – epilepsy

  • Let’s keep our minds occupied; participate in the hobbies and pastimes we most like to do

This can all help some of us to keep our stress and anxiety levels low and enjoy a better quality of life despite our epilepsy. Let’s all get together and start this new regime today! I wish you well.

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