Video Telemetry

(Nothing to worry about – Very informative results)

Video telemetry is much akin to telemetry except that due to the fact that this more complex, you will have to be spend a period of time in your own hospital ward, usually say a week.

  • What is the difference?

  • The clinical physiologist will fit more electrodes to your skull than when you had a plain telemetry.

  • Your every movements will be recorded on video cameras

  • Likewise when you get an aura you are told to press a red record button that is situated on the (eeg) box.

  • If you are unable to do this, as soon as you start to fit (all the patients on the ward are being monitored 24/7 on a large computer screen),. Nurses will come rushing to your room.

  • The nurses will now start to ask you a set of questions until such time as patient has come out of their epilepsy turn.

  • Usually the questions asked are of a similar format as:

  • What date is it today? What date month are we in? etc,

I would say the worst part of video telemetry is that you are not allowed to leave your room in order to have a conversation to fellow patients and indeed the nurses.

Some times when we are being monitored all the time (tuv) cunningly stays away.

In times such as this the doctors will stop some of our anti epileptic drugs so that the (tuv) will be induced to pay us a visit.

Advice be prepared. Before you go into hospital take your Kindle, or paperbacks. Take your smart phone or cd player and a radio. Don’t forget your laptop if you use one. The hospital supplies with you with a television, so that’s no problem. These will all help you to while away the time.

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