Vagus Nerve Stimulator

Vagus Nerve Stimulator

In appearance the Vagus Nerve Stimulator (vns) resembles a pacemaker. It is inserted by a neurosurgeon beneath your skin and is sited approximately ¾” above your nipple.

A wire goes from your (vns) up to the Vagus Nerve. The (vns) is usually not turned on until after a few weeks. A technician will now program the (vns) to the settings at which they believe are most suitable for you the patient.

When I had the (vns) turned on for the first time I sensed a very strange tightening in my throat, to the point that where I feel that I felt that I was being strangled. This was a bit frightening to say the least. In my case it was programmed to come on each and every one and half minutes). In addition to this my voice would suddenly change from its norm to a what called on be called a Humphrey Bogart sound alike.

In addition to this you are given a small oblong battery which that as soon you get an aura come on, you automatically swipe over the (vns) with the magnet to activate it at times when the (vns) is not in the self activating time zone.

Be warned that it could take months if not longer for the (vns) to start to really come into effect and start to abort your epilepsy from coming on. A thing to remember is that it like anti epileptic drugs neither are strong enough to abort all ones epileptic attacks.

The bottom line is that the (vns), just like anti epileptic drugs works for some but not for others. I fell into alas the latter category.

Ps. Things to remember:

If you are carrying a magnet with you, do NOT keep it near of your Credit Cards. If you do put it anywhere your credit care all the information on the cards will be deleted and the cards become unusable.

Always tell security services such as passport officers that you have a (vns) and a magnet and they will take you to an alternative type of screener.

Likewise alert nurses/doctors at hospitals.

If you have the (vns) you will not be able to have Magnetic Resonance Scans (MRI). This certainly is a matter that you and your neurologist need to discuss.

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