Seizure Alert Dogs

The criteria for who is and who is not entitled to seizure alert dogs, is that you are you are medically proven to have a minimum of ten major seizures a month.

Patients who suffer from non-epileptic epilepsy do not meet the said criteria and are therefore not entitled to a dog.

Your seizure alert dog, when trained will give you between 10-60 minutes warning of a seizure going come on. Observation that shows that those having a seizure alert dog, seizures have reduced in number.

In the UK we have Sheffield Support Dogs. Here they train the support dogs to prompt those that have:Generalised seizures. But obviously other countries will have their own epilepsy support dog websites. Search the internet for the respective country that you live in, to find the names of the respective charities/organisations that train these dogs.

The dog is able to predict to its owner (the person suffering from this type of epilepsy) that an attack is imminent.

The dog is capable of attracting its owner’s attention by one of several different ways.

Your support dog is able to take its owner to a place of safety i.e., getting them to lie down somewhere safe. For instance on a blanket placed on the floor. Thus when the convulsing starts the keeper of the dog cannot fall down on the ground. Without this warning and protection offered by these dogs, sufferers have been known in some not to just injure themselves slightly but in other cases more seriously.

There is obviously a training programme, whereby the person suffering from epilepsy will be required to live with the dog, for say a month, so that the dog will not only witness their owners epilepsy but, will be taught how to respond when the patient starts fitting.

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