Doing things can Help some of us and Some others

Some of us are do it yourself people, and some of us are not. There are those who enjoying knitting or some other hobby, whatever it may.

When I lost my dearest wife Lorna after a long debilitating illness on the 28th January this year I was beside myself for months. But I knew that there was only way to go and that was up. My Lorna would not have wanted me to be in mourning for the rest of my life. Although I will always miss my dear wife. Family and friends said that I was a people’s person and that I should be putting my skills to work.

I never have been a d.i.y person and I didn’t seem to have any hobbies, so I decided to go out and meet the less fortunate than myself out there (there is always somewhere else worse off than the majority of us).I joined a group of people at my local church who go out to meet the sick and the elderly both in their own homes as well as those less fortunate, who could be starting to have or have severe Alzheimer’s.

This is not everybody’s cup of tea I must admit, but they like all of us need help. I get a good feel factor come to me after my weekly visits that I have been able to help somebody else in life.

I apologise for taking you on such a convoluted journey, but I have used this as a way of saying to all fellow sufferers who are able to do it, that there is plenty that some of could do to help others. Simply getting some shopping for those less able, and a having a chat, really cheers them up. In doing so we also get a feel good factor out of this.

The real message that I am trying to convey to you all is that in doing something for others, like any of the aforesaid is us acting positively as opposed to negatively, which is always the best thing in life for the vast majority of us. Remember what I have said earlier and that is to let Positive beat negative thoughts. I am sure that those of us who do this will I hope find that our lives of living with epilepsy can improve.

Please try it and see. I wish you all the very best and God willing, a life of less epilepsy.

Richard Atterwill

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