My letter to Secretary of state-Epilepsy ignorance in Schools

4th November 2014

Rt Hon.

Jeremy Hunt

Secretary of State for Health

Dear Minister,

I am writing to you today, with reference to the way that some pupils suffering from epilepsy, are treated at school both by their teachers and fellow pupils.

Some teachers seem to be ignorant of what epilepsy is, how it happens and why it happens.

This is a horrific and much misunderstood illness that many sufferers have to endure both by day and night.

I have read reports from some parents and teachers of how teachers have treated the said pupils in an uncaringly and in sometimes rude manner.

My own personal experience whilst at school was hell. I was mocked in the class by some of the teachers and gained the nickname of batty Atty by some of my fellow pupils. That was quite a few years ago now but, but the public ignorance and in some of the cases the teachers, show that they too just do not seem to comprehend just what epilepsy is.

I believe that the time has now come for ‘epilepsy awareness’ courses to be introduced for all teachers so that we can try to put ignorance behind us. The teachers should also teach all of their pupils all about epilepsy and that compassion is required for pupils suffering from epilepsy at all times.

Please reply to my letter to you outlining what actions you are to take to address this horrible problem.

Yours faithfully

Richard Atterwill

2 Holly House

Brambles Close



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