Immediate Response Telephone alarm system

I live in a borough of London which operates an immediate response telephone alarm system. This is called Linkline. Linkline enables the caller at the touch of a red button to immediately speak to an experienced operator who can call the ambulance, police or fire services as soon as they receive a call from the Linkline that you have just activated. Simply wear the wrist or the pendant alarm and should you fall either by having epilepsy, or vertigo attack, and for that matter whatever else and help is immediately at hand.

Linkline staff can be contacted at a moments notice 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and are available via a telephone link to help you live independently and safely knowing that help is immediately at hand. Simply press the red button on either your wrist or your pendant. Alarm. The cost of this service is only about three pounds a month, which is a bargain investment... You, your family and friends know that in the event of a fall of whatever nature, help is immediately hand at the touch of a button. This is great reassurance for you all.

This service is available across all the London boroughs, but other boroughs could be operating a system under a different name and likewise across the UK. Simply dial your local council or social services for further information on the systems.

For people living outside of the UK, simply go onto the internet and search for your respective service provider.

Linkline is available to all who seek security and peace of mind, such as older people, people with disabilities and individuals who feel vulnerable for non medical reasons.

Richard Atterwill

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