My reply to Vicky Morgan Health Minister HM Government

1st December 2014

Rt. Hon. Nicky Morgan MP

Minister for Education

The House of Commons



Dear Minister,

I writing to you today reference to my letter to you dated 4th November 2014. I received a letter on your behalf from Fiona Laundy in reply to me dated 27th November 2014.

First of all I would like you personally to reply to this letter. I was very disappointed n that Fiona Laundy does not seem to comprehend the seriousness of the problem that can be in some cases encountered by their teacher’s non-understanding of epilepsy, what it is and how to deal with sufferers when they suddenly have an epilepsy attack.

An illustration of her non-comprehension is in her aforesaid reply to me in which in the second but last paragraph in which she wrote the following:

“With regard to individual pupils’ conditions, the relevant healthcare assistant professional, such as a epilepsy specialist nurse, should be able to advise on training that will help ensure that all medical conditions affecting pupils in the school are in the school are understood fully, including preventative and emergency measures so that staff can recognise and act quickly when a problem occurs.”

I would like to remind you that the population of the UK consists of 64.1 million people. Likewise 600,000 of the population suffer from epilepsy in the UK. How many epilepsy specialist nurses are there in the UK? The answer is 300. How on earth it could even be imagined that this problem for so many, could be dealt with by so few?

This proves my point that even in HM Government, epilepsy is not understood especially when one receives replies like this, to their letters about a very serious subject matter.

Epilepsy Action have on their website an e-learning section for education which covers this subject. You and teachers alike can go into the Training for Schools section of their and this will help to educate teachers a lot more.

Ms Morgan I am not only asking you for a personal reply to my letter to you, but I am also asking you to deal with this issue and perhaps write a mandatory letter to the National Union of Teachers to address this situation.

I am yours faithfully

Richard Atterwill

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