New Years Resolutions - Start to help yourselves

2015 is going to be the first of all years that we all begin to help ourselves to not only get better, but also helping to keep ourselves well.

As my dear wife Lorna who passed away on the 28th January 2014, used to joke God helps those who help themselves, but God help those who are caught helping themselves. But in this blog you will read that helping yourselves can assist the majority of us to get on the right road to doing just that.

New Years resolutions, the vast majority of us seem to make them, and rarely seem to keep them. Why, well the answer is a very simple one. We start off with the best of intentions, but our ever changing lives seem to put a quick end to that.

Well this year we are going to going to change all that. Especially for those who receive regular visits from Epilepsy The Unwelcome Visitor (Tuv).

  • You can have a good time on New Years Eve, and other festive occasions by staying away from alcohol. Yes, alcohol tastes really nice, but alcohol, and anti epileptic drugs in particular, simply do not go together. It always surprises me that, some people choose to forget to remember his.. This a very unwise thing to do, and can be an invitation for Tuv to pay us a Big visit, which could in turn see us in the Accident and Emergency of a hospital.

  • There are many non-alcoholic drinks out there which you can drink and enjoy without worrying all the time about the consequences.

Our New Years resolutions could be the first that we will actually keep will be simply be as follows:

When we are down, there is an easy way to help us to get ourselves up again, and that is to keep Positive thoughts in our minds at all times.

You are not to think or talk about Tuv. The same applies for such words as anxiety, stress and depression. Try not to get anxious, stressed or depressed these three, it has been medically proven can also invite Tuv to pay us a nasty visit or two. So we know that anxiety causes visits from Tuv. Tuv causing stress depression and anxiety and before we know where we are we are in a cycle of one or more of the four taking place

My own personal view is in the scenario of what came first Tuv or the anxiety? It is in my belief that it is the anxiety. that initiates Tuv to arrive. Remember no neurologist has categorically stated that it is the chicken and not the egg that came first, and indeed vice versa.

I personally ask all of those suffer visits from Tuv not to just try doing the aforementioned that you resolved to do in your 2015 New Years resolution for a brief period of time, but to do this every hour of the one hundred and sixty eight hours of the week

I can assure you that the results will not begin in a short time. It could take many, many weeks if not months, for the for you to start receiving the dividends

But when those dividends start to arrive they will be the biggest bonus that you have ever paid yourself.

Theoretically speaking, what you have actually been doing all this time without realising it, is you have you have been retraining your mind, brain not to get so stressed out and anxious so easily and the end product will hopefully be for the vast majority of you, that you do not receive so many visits from Tuv. Likewise that God willing your visits from Tuv will be of a much kinder nature.

Wishing you a Healthy New Year.

Richard Atterwill

Author of Epilepsy The Unwelcome Visitor

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