The month is January. The year is 2015. It time to abort the three 'R's

The month is January, the year is 2015. The day is the day that we all. hopefully put pens to paper.

Yet you are allowing others to use and abuse you. You are suffering from an awful illness Epilepsy The Unwelcome Visitor (Tuv). The Tuv came into your lives through no fault of your own. Seventy percent of the world’s population are fortunate enough to have their Tuv controlled in the main by anti epileptic drugs. I know of one dear friend who only has to take two anti epileptic drugs per day, and thank the Good Lord, she no longer gets any more visits from Tuv.

Epilepsy affects fifty million people of this world wide. Of which thirty percent of us, which amounts to fifteen million still get visits from Tuv.

We are treated in a truly scandalous way as illustrated. Just read of some of which I have listed below:

  • We can be badly treated in some cases, I certainly was, by our teachers and fellow pupils

  • When we apply for employment of whatever kind, we either get no job interview, or no answer is the stern reply.

  • There is a big stigma slammed against us when Tuv is so much as mentioned in a job interview, which usually ends at this juncture.

  • It is extremely difficult in finding friends. But believe you me it is even more difficult, if not impossible in retaining them.

  • There are many of us who sadly the Tuv dictates the very simple and mundane things in life such as, when it is safe to have a shower

  • I can even become scared when the Tuv is about to watch the television. Therefore I will turn it off.

  • I turn off the radio

  • I stop reading my books.

  • I neglect eating proper meals and simply make say a jam sandwich as to something to eat, as I cannot face having a full meal.

  • So there we sit in our homes, with all lines of communication down.

  • Whilst all this is going on we are now awaiting for the next power surge of electricity that can either cover part of our, or all of brain..

  • Some of us are solely reliant on our dear loving and caring relatives and few ‘true’ friends.

  • Since the loss of my dear wife in January of this year, I am one of the ones who in the main sits and suffers alone. It is simply marvellous when the telephone rings and one of our dear ones gives us call on the off chance to see how we are.

Then when the worst is over I start my Positive thinking, as explained in full detail in a previous blog.

I so admire Stephen Fry for fighting on the side of all those suffering from depression, of which sadly he is one. But when he comes out of his depression he doesn’t just sit there and bemoan his fate in life. He comes out fighting to defend all fellow depression sufferers. He is fed up with such a stigma being attached to this mental illness.

Likewise, I asked you to all come out fighting for all those suffering from the three ‘R’s. Rejection, ridicule and rudeness. Stand up and be counted. The only way that any of you can help yourselves and others is to put pen to paper and write to your members of parliament, senate, or whoever else in your relative Countries government ministers are.

Do this not only to help yourselves, but also in doing this you can be helping others.

Richard Atterwill

Author of Epilepsy The Unwelcome Visitor

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