Medications - Reminder Call

Taking all your anti epileptic drugs (AED’s), and additional medications at the same times everyday is imperative for us all. This well helps us being epilepsy free.

If you some find that this is a difficulty or find that sometimes you tend forget. Don’t worry, this is something that can be can be simply dealt with.

  • If you have a smart phone, Select the Clock

  • Press on this icon.

  • At the bottom of the screen you will see four different functions

  • Select the Alarm function.

  • Press the plus sign +

  • The Add Alarm window now is open.

  • In the Label field type in the names and their respective dosages of all the (AED’s) and other medications that you have to take first thing in the morning.

  • For example purposes I have selected 08:00 for you.

  • Now go into the Repeat field, Select for example Monday and you will see a Red Tick, ✓ sign appears.

  • Continue to do this and you will see that all the days of the week are before you.

  • If you have the same tablets everyday of the week, press on Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Repeat this through to Sunday.

  • Now simply press on Save

  • To set all the other times for all your medications simply repeat the above functions, remembering to select the appropriate times

Where you only take a drug/s say on a Monday and Wednesday respectively. You only select these two days in your Alarm days of the week

However if you do not possess a smart phone, you can purchase a Medical Alarm that you can carry about with you.

No need for to forget any longer

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