Smartphone - Smart Way To Video Epilepsy

The best way to record your epilepsy is with the video of your Smartphone (SP).

  • First get a big book or a small stand to hold your (SP) upright for you.

  • Set you’re your (SP) to Video mode.

  • In some cases where you get an aura (a warning) you just press the Record button. The rest is simply done by your (SP).

  • If you cannot do this by yourself, you merely ask a relative or friend to do this for you.

  • These videos will be such a great asset to your neurologist, enabling him/her to glean a wealth of information about how you act and your vocalisations during your attacks of epilepsy.

  • Even telemetry cannot do this, except of course if it is video telemetry.

  • Help your neurologist to help you.

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