Cannabis based drug is to some a dream come true

Or is it?

However if it was prescribed by your doctor, it could be your worst nightmare!

Simply watching the Epilepsy Congress 2015 Istanbul only confirmed my beliefs from the outset of cannabis even being contemplated.

I have viewed many prominent neurologists giving the thumbs down to this drug.

AEDs can be very toxic as it is, but adding Cannabinol a refined form of cannabis is simply too dangerous to even think about.

We are walking into a completely new minefield with No evidence of success.

Success rates of this drug are not well documented to say the least.

The world of Epilepsy is bad enough to say the least. Do you really want to go into a completely unknown world and risk your life?

I don't think so

Epilepsy researchers will have to do a lot of painstaking investigations over a vast amount of years before this drug can ever be conceived to be an alternative

In all of my blogs on Epilepsy the Uncontrolled Visitor from day one, these have always been my thoughts

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