Can depression be linked to epilepsy?

Epilepsy and depression can sometimes be correlated

It has been scientifically proven that in one third of epilepsy sufferers, depression can be a epilepsy linked illness. There are many schools of thought on what precipitates what. Lots of doctors believe that the epilepsy causes the depression to come on.

Depression, anxiety, fear, sadness, elation or mood swings are just a few of the contributory factors that can cause epilepsy. Others say that it is the epilepsy that causes one or more of the aforementioned. My own personal viewpoints of what came first, the chicken or the egg, I have to keep to myself, as I am an epilepsy sufferer and not a neurologist.

Likewise, some say that a group of about seven anti epilepsy drugs can also cause depression to occur.

So in cases where the depression has now arrived and is an add on or, interlinked with your epilepsy your neurologist has now to get it established and have you referred for treatment.

Treatment can one of the following therapies:



Cognitive behavioural therapy


In my case I am on one antidepressant prior to that Cognitive behavioural therapy.

Out of the two I preferred the cognitive behavioural therapy as I thought that I got the most out of it

The reason I chose to name my blog Epilepsy the Unwelcome Visitor TUV is quite simply because TUV arrives like a flash of lightning, stays with you as long as it chooses to, and leaves you in a likewise manner. Rather like turning the power switch on suddenly, leaving it on and then when it chooses to eventually go, turns the switch off again with no prior warning.

Therapy like the aforementioned works for some and teaches you how to deal with life when you have TUV and depression kicking in. Sadly for others like myself it is uncontrollable epilepsy and the word uncontrollable weighs it all up for me in one word.

This is the prime reason that I write my blog and try to raise worldwide awareness for all of us sufferers, and likewise the governments of the world for completely ‘new ways’ of treating this for some horrific, life ruining illness.

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